Binding agent (powder)


·         BINDER (CMC) is widely used in the ceramic industry, in order to

·         Increase the cohesion of the glaze layer; it’s to ceramic body to regulate its viscosity.

·         During the firing cycle they burn out completely without causing any surface defect.

·         The quantities of BINDER added to the glazes can vary according to the desired effect; the dosage can take place either in the mill or using a 2 ÷ 3 % mother solution.

·         BINDER (CMC) is dissolved in water from clear viscous solutions, with a relatively poor resistance to bacterial attack; for this reason it is desirable to add an antifermentation agent if the slips must be stored for a long time(i.e. BINDER, 2÷3 %calculated on dry CMC) .

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Binding agent (liquid)


·         BINDER can be used in glaze and engobes either as sole binder or in addition to the carboxy methyl cellulose whenever necessary to solve particular problems, due to a partial loss of the initial characteristics given by the CMC.

·         Being a not too viscous liquid product, binder can be dispersed easily; it does not produce foam and it has a very good resistance against bacterial attack and it burns off very well even in fast firing. The introduction of it (0.2 – 0.4 % based on dry weight) into a correctly fluidized system does not produce any increase in viscosity.

·         BINDER can also be used to make a thin film on floor tile if it is properly diluted (1 part with 3 – 5 parts of water) and applied by disk or veil, it is also a very good binder for the dry application of grits and palletized glazes.

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